Monday, March 24, 2014

පෙම්බර මධු මගේ ...

රාත්‍රිය උදා උනා ...

සින්ග්ල් මෝල්ට් ස්කොච් ඩබල් තුනක් විතර ස්ට්‍රේට් ගහල අහල බලන්න.

මේ නගරය ...

සිහිනෙන් ඔබ මට ...
There were three drafts in Pete’s blog. Probably you all have listen these songs before. However, let me post them now. Please note that they were created in August 2013. I am certain that, that was one of his wishes, among several others, he couldn't accomplish.

That was the last time he came off of the chemo.

I am in the process of writing a reply to all of you have commented in Rasika’s blog and posted here. There are many things to settle. We, a very few of us around Pete in his last days, are struggling to manage his medical bills, insurance claims, and his properties. We would like to transfer as much as we can to his mother and to his bothers in Sri Lanka. He left behind a much more than his blog – that is the reality.

Thank you for being with us in this difficult time.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A few weeks ago, after fighting a long hard battle with cancer, Dr. Peter passed away. Regardless of what he wrote here, (and as far as I know,) he was never married. He is survived by his mother and two brothers. At Peter’s request, his body was cremated in the USA and a memorial was not erected. 

If anybody knows this mysterious teacher of him, please let her know. According to Peter, they lost the contact since last September. I think Peter started not responding to her calls after he realized that his days are numbered. In his final days, his was heavily sedated with pain medicine. Probably he died as a result of chemotherapy. 

All I can say is, this man left a lasting impact on a lot of people around him. A good friend. He was indeed a friend we had when we need. We will miss him for a long time. 

Rest in Peace Doc! 

I will keep this blog open for few more weeks then I will delete it.